Script Reviewers

Christopher Stack

Amelia Maness-Gilliland

First Table Reading Cast, Crew, and Reviewers

Al Ellis, Megan Fetters, BJ Howard, Sarah Howard, Glenn Meek, Scot Fetters, Katherine Irwin, Devon Ellis, Aubrielle Holly, Victor Thorne

Jonathan Perry, Svea van Atter, Stacy Irwin, Sabrina Shuss

Larry Dennis, Louise Luster, Tom Poremba

Concept Recording Vocalists

BJ Howard, Tyson Bates, Alyssa Hill, Sarah Howard, Alexandra Jarratt, Devon Ellis, AJ Wheeler, Jonathan Perry, Eric Ellis, Lori Garner, Chris Garner, Janeil Pluim

Audio and video production

Rich Oliver at American Audio for his great work on the concept recording.

Larry Dennis, Frederick L. Scott, and Evangel McVicker for their work on the first promo video.

Jonathan Perry for running sound at the first table reading.

Concept Art

Sara Conwell (logo)

Johnny Flores (poster)


Jonathan Coulton, Ashley Rodbro, and Drew Westphal at Joco Heavy Industries.

Liam Lavery, Jason Holtman, and Valve software. Now, if we can only figure out how to make a Portal Gun work on stageā€¦

Andrew Dolak for legal advice and contract review.

Permission to use their names

Dr. Garrett Lisi

Michael Abrash

Jeff Duntemann

Baron Reichart K. Von Wolfsheild (a.k.a. BRKVW) For letting me know that Piechart vonWindshield was taken, and that "K" should be for Kruel or Krull.

Bob Zale passed away before we tried contact him in late 2012, but his software legacy lives on.

Photography & Videography

Tara Pugmire (Tara Lynn Photography)

Larry Dennis

Sabrina Shuss

Workshop Production Donors

Gold Circle

Silver Circle

Bronze Circle

Ginger Irwin, JB Gunnell, WH

Special Thanks

Lisa Jaskot, Goicoechea Law Office, Leola Joan Hill, George Irwin, Dan Ford, Darwin B. Gunnell, 1SmartGuy, Lyman Hall, Robert Ochoa, Charlie Murray, Lorraine Spargo, Chris Straiter, Jennifer Hoelscher


Theron Trowbridge, Diego Porqueras, Al Ferreira, Mitchell Sparks, Whosawhatsis, Chad Smith, Jim Sachs, Rhahlene Miller, Joan Horvath, Alyssa Hill, Craig Scott, Claudio Bottaccini, Robert A. Hodge, Arwen Morton, Sue Cornell, Lori VanAusdal, Flying M, Robert Geistlinger, Peter Janes, Angela, Nancy Aydelotte, SpaceHamster74, Meighan Watterlond

Other thanks

Diego Porqueras, Amelia Maness-Gilliland, Ginger Irwin, Denny Ellis